A pallet of 4 brand new Tactacam Reveal X cameras.

Tactacam Reveal Cellular Trail Camera

The Tactacam Reveal is available in two cellular networks: Verizon and AT&T, with data plans, starting as low as $4 per month. This cellular trail camera is powered by 12 AA batteries and capable of taking 24 MP images. This is the hottest trail camera on the market right!

  • AT&T and Verizion models
  • 24MP / 12MP / 8MP Photos
  • Sub 1/2s Trigger Speeds
  • Adjustable Night Illumination at 96+ft
  • Detect animals at 96+ft
  • One year warrant

Are Tactacam Cameras Good, Pictures are color during the day and black and white at night. For a camera, with a 120-dollar retail price tag, the pictures are superb and rival some cameras I own costing two to three times as much. Photos are stamped with the battery level, moon phase, temperature in F and C, the date, and time. When accessing through the app on your phone pictures also include an easy-to-read overview in white lettering showing the date and time, property location as well as camera name. For night pictures there are two settings that help in capturing better pictures Are Tactacam Cameras Good. Night mode utilizes three settings, Max range compensates for the darkness and offers better night vision IR flash range, Balance is the amount of flash with the range of the animal, and Min Blur cuts down on blur of the nighttime picture through exposure. Flash power can also be set to High or Low. If your camera is further away from a trail or where deer most often show up then the high setting is best. If the camera is set up closer to a trail a low setting will aid in eliminating wash out. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera

When a picture is captured if you have alerts set up on your phone it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning with each picture. The picture being received is not a full HD picture but only a detailed thumbnail image. HD Photos can be sent, but are only supported in limited locations. If the camera is set to video, like the photo, only a thumbnail photo is sent. It will require a trip to the camera location to retrieve the video via the SD Card. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera

Image Resolution:
The Reveal X allows for photo or video selection. Photo image sizes are 8, 12, and 16 megapixels with a default of 8. In comparison, the original Reveal supported 8, 12, and 24 megapixels. Interesting as to why the downgrade is the highest picture size? Are Tactacam Cameras Good After running both cameras for a couple of months, I see no advantage in the quality of thumbnail pictures I received on my phone. Both cameras do an adequate job. Speaking of pictures there is an additional feature on the Reveal X, called Check-In Picture. The camera always will check in once a day to indicate it is working. With this feature activated, when the camera checks in it will verify it is working by sending a picture. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera

tactacam reveal x review
Video Quality:
For video, the Reveal X allows for FHD-1080P, HD720, or WVGA. The higher the resolution the less video an SD Card can capture. The video length can be set from 5 to 59 seconds. Photos as noted earlier can be captured in 8, 12, and 16 megapixels. Up to three images can be captured per detection and the interval between multi-shot can be set from 0, 1, or 2 seconds. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera

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How is the Battery Life on the Reveal X by Tactacam?
The Reveal X requires 12 batteries, just like the Reveal but with one major advantage. The battery compartment is separate and ejects out the bottom of the camera for easier access and changeability. The Reveal X is rated at 3500 pictures on alkaline batteries, 4000 pictures on lithiumAre Tactacam Cameras Good . I prefer lithium and only run Energizers, which have served me well on several camera manufacturers over the years. The new design also allows for a smaller latch/door on the Reveal X. The nice feature about the new latch is it includes a loop for a locking cable where the original Reveal did not. The old model could be locked to a tree using a locking cable through the back but still allowed the door to be accessed and theft of the SD Card. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera

The Reveal X does have the option of being powered from an external power source Are Tactacam Cameras Good. The 12V input can be from an external battery source or solar panel. In very remote areas I prefer to use a solar panel with an integrated 12-volt power source then I do not have to worry about changing batteries. Buy Tactacam Reveal X Camera


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